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Saturday 27 August 2011, 08:30am - 11:59am
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Welcome to the Second Annual Dam Scramble Trail Challenge!


Below is the best viagra prices course used in 2010. This year (2011) instead of a "loop" format we are working on routes that will allow participants to choose either the short course (9-11 miles) or a long course (18-20 miles).  The course description below is a good reference since these sections will be incorporated into the final race course.

2010 Course

Section 1 – Race begins at Pavilion #4. Racers follow Lake Drive for a short distance before dropping onto the edge of the soccer fields and order daily cialis look there proceeding to the Eagle’s Nest Trail. Nice flat, short section of course to allow runners and hikersto warm-up and spread out.

Section 2 – This is the first climb of the race up the Eagle’s Nest Trail.  Switchbacks will take you to the top which is also the 1 mile mark.  A sharp descent will lead you to a nice gradual downhill on an old tram road otherwise known as the i use it River Trail.  This will be a nice area for the legs to recover. At the bottom of the River Trail you will find the 2 mile mark  then proceed on a mowed path to an old dirt road. This is another nice, flat section to gain some speed.

Section 3 – Woodcock Trail is one of generic cialis online canada the new trails made specifically for this course.  This trail is relatively flat but contains twisty single track.  You will enjoy this trail and buy viagra 100mg weekly you may see the bird that gave this trail its name.  After popping out of the Woodcock Trail, you will make a short dash through a field and back into the woods, follow an old fence row, then up and through the quarter-mile “Rock Garden” feature that used to be a drainage ditch.  Be careful where you put your feet in the Rock Garden, as snakes have been known to make this area their home.

Section 4 – Traverse Trail travels along the West Branch of the Susquehanna and has also been developed for this race.  Watch your step here as terrain is steep, footing is difficult and you will travel precariously close but above the female levitra river.  Try to enjoy the views.  Take a look through some of the openings to your right.  You will see a hill in the distance.  That is “The Spine” and you will be tackling that climb later.  After traveling along the river you will have a short but steep climb to some nice relatively flat trail to rest the legs as you approach “The Spine”. You will pass mile 4 as you pop out on an old tram road on your way to the Spine.

Section 5 – Now it is time to climb “The Spine”.  This will definitely get your heart pumping!  Once on top there won’t be much rest for the legs as you have to travel back down the steep hill to a dirt access road.  You will then proceed up the dirt road to a tram road which pops you out on the paved road to the Lake (Lake Drive).  Sorry about this small (less than 0.2 mile) section of pavement but it is the only way to connect the trails at this time. At this point you have made it past the 6 mile mark, not far to go now!

Section 6 – The Falcon Crossing Trail will take you through the woods, over an interesting feature we call “the talon” and to the campground.  As you cross the power line twice on this trail, make sure to take notice of the beautiful views of the Lake. This is another section of newly developed single track that will take you to the Spook Hollow Trail.

Section 7 – Spook Hollow Trail will take you on some rolling single track with several stream crossings.  Watch the bridges because they may be slick if wet.  You will then leave this trail and start the next to last climb on the course on Eagle Loop Trail.  This is a steep one! Once on top you will have some nice running before you have to make your way back downhill onto Lakeside View Trail.  This nice piece of rolling single track will lead to the rest of the Spook Hollow Trail and then a short climb back up to the campground.

Section 8 – Once at the campground you are almost done with the loop!  You will travel down the Nature Trail which is a gradual downhill back to Pavilion #4. This will be a fast downhill to the finish/2nd loop.  The trail doesn’t travel the whole way to the pavilion so watch for the ribbons marking your way.  The finish line will not be too far in the distance!


Location Curwinsville Lake
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